Boulder Ridge Mourns Death of Giraffe

This morning, Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park announced the sudden death of their giraffe Tucker.

Tucker was found unresponsive on Monday, April 17, and died soon after. An autopsy indicated that Tucker had died of heart failure.

Giraffes are known to have high blood pressure, but Tucker’s death comes as a shock to Boulder Ridge since there had been no signs of health issues.

Tucker was 13 years old. He was born on December 1, 2009.

Boulder Ridge says:

Tucker will be remembered as the “big guy” with the defining cross pattern on his neck and with the long black tongue who would gently snag a lettuce leaf from the hands of anyone within reach. He brought joy to so many people and will be greatly missed by all.

Boulder Ridge is home to nearly 1,500 individual animals representing 180 species.

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